Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What You've Missed...

So just to recap, I am the WORST blogger ever. It's funny because I think to myself "ooh.. this would be something great to blog about..." then I get distracted and forget. I think that I am just going to set 1 day a week as "blog day" then you can read whatever drivel comes out of my brain on that day until I get some sort of spark of genius.
So here's my 30 second recap; just like on your favorite weekly drama they catch you up to speed on what you missed last week, I'm going to catch up on the last 3.5 months :)

My husband and I found out that we are NOT moving to California, I had only packed half of everything we own so it was all good!

This was a big month! I was contacted by Philanthro* Seattle to donate a piece of work to auction off to support Lifelong AIDS Alliance, right here in Seattle! I was so honored and excited :) I helped them raise $35 with a photo and It felt so good to help out the city that I live in.
I also was contacted by RAW artists to apply to be part of one of their showcases. RAW is an awesome organization that is all grassroots and green. They do monthly shows that promote artists of all genres: visual art, photography, fashion, make-up, hair, film ect. check them out at rawartists.org.

I celebrated my birthday with the Philanthro* auction and with a walk through to prepare for my first show with RAW! I loved the show. I met so many great artists and felt so inspired when the night ended.

...and that brings us to October!
My husband and I are getting ready to move to Chicago. We plan to be there by the end of November. Things are a little crazy right now but hopefully soon we will have it all worked out.
I made it through the national popular vote for RAW finals. I was voted one of the top 5 artists in Seattle and in November I hope to make it into the finals and earn a trip to Hollywood, CA.

I promise I will do a better job of writing on my blog, stay tuned for future updates <3

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life's Circumstances (value)

Recently life's circumstances have left me wondering what I value in life... of course the usual (well for me anyway) things popped into my mind: family, friends, my dog's, passion, energy, strength... the list goes on and on... one thing that I realized that is not on that list is money... I often find myself thinking that if I could give it all up I would... however recent events have made me consider this. My husband has some crazy work stuff happening; I wont get into all the details. However, when an offer was placed on the table in regards to money we found ourselves thinking "well...that's not enough..." I NEVER in my life have EVER thought that I would feel this way about this issue.

I don't consider myself to be greedy, I don't think that I ever have been. I have always worked hard for everything that I have in my life and I think that most people know that I would as the saying goes "give them the shirt off my back"... I'm pretty sure that I have actually at some point in my life given someone that needed it more that me (one that I didn't know) an article of clothing (most likely not off my back, but at least out of my car) for keeps. Recently my husband told me that I "taught him how to give" in regards to helping people that are less fortunate. I never second guess giving money to people that need it (if I happen to have cash on me) and on many occasions if I am close to home I will run home and make up a bag of whatever I can get around quickly and take it back to someone. So why is it that I am so hung up on this idea now?

Since I started my business in January of 2011 I have fund raised for: Susan G Komen twice (once for the Race for the Cure and again by turning my business Passionately Pink for about 6 weeks), the Red Cross and disaster relief, and a shoe drive for Soles 4 Souls, starting in July I will be working to raise money and awareness for Women for Women International.... and yes, I have only been open for business for about 5.5 months. My business is a member of the World Wildlife Fund (as am I as an individual) and I am considering another animal support organization as I type this... I also donate work all the time. Yet, I feel like I should give so much more...

I am so blessed to have the life I do. I have an amazing husband that allows me to have the creative freedom to run my own business (even though it doesn't make any money), my family and friends have been so wonderfully supportive and loving for my entire life and for the most part I have pretty good health. I wake up every day with a purpose in life. That purpose is to make at least one person's day better, every day. Ultimately, I want to change at least one persons life. I want to change the world.

When was the last time that you gave something? Your time? money? love? strength? encouragement? Today I met an extraordinary woman. She was a veteran and homeless but, still so amazingly positive. I stopped to chat with her and pet her dogs as I gave her a bag of goodies. It broke my heart to find out that I was the only person that had a conversation with her all day. I can't imagine not having anyone talk to me all day. It is amazing to me that she has given so much and has nothing. how quickly everything in life can all fall away. One day you wake up and find that all you hold dear is gone.

 It is for this reason that I challenge you. Start simple and short. For one week, wake up each day with the purpose to make someones day better; give something to someone that needs it more than you, show an act of compassion and kindness. It is one simple thoughtful act that can inspire another person to pass on a kindness. You don't have to be rich to donate to others. Maybe together we can change the world.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finding my place...

Over the last week I have been trying to get myself inspired; trying to find my place in life.I struggle with being a stay at home wife, I can't have children so it's not like I'm preparing to be a mom. Sometimes I think that my husband and I made a wrong decision when we chose for me to leave my job. Is there something that I should be doing, is there a career that would make me happier? Is the really the place that I am supposed to be in? While trying to find my place I felt myself gravitating toward organizations that help others, that teach others, that provide comfort for others... so I thought to myself  "there is a higher power that is trying to tell me something here".. I took a step outside of my life for a second and just took a peek inside. For some reason I decided to second guess fate, as if I really had the power to change what fate has decided for me..
Upon a moment of reflection I asked myself that soul-searching question that we all ask ourselves at times "what have I accomplished?". Since leaving my "job" last November I have started my own business and with that I have reignited a passion that hasn't been seen for a very long time. Then I asked myself an even tougher question "am I successful?" this question was honestly really hard for me to answer... I've sold some of my art work, I've donated some, given some away to friends and family and even thrown away a few things that we're...well... let's just say failed experiments. Do I make any money doing it, honestly...no. I am deeper in the hole financially that I was when I started. So why am I so happy? I'm not famous, I don't have money or power. I have an education, I will be paying for it for the rest of my life... but, did I need it to do what I'm doing now? probably not. So what do I have? Love. Plain and simple. I love what I do and I feel that a little piece of that love gets sealed up in each piece that I create.Sometimes when I have too much love it spills out and takes the embodiment of the charitable work that I do. In the last 6 months I've turned my business "passionately pink for the cure", organized a shoe drive to provide those without an opportunity a chance to break free, I've donated and an still fund raising for disaster relief, I'm still raising money for breast cancer awareness, and recently I've started taking myself in another direction and researching a partnership with another charitable organization that helps women in war torn counties...
I realized that this is my calling, this is my place in life. The days I feel the best in life are,'t the ones that are about me. It's the days that I announce to people I want your old shoes and they respond with 100 pairs. It's the days that I say I'm donating half of the profits to breast cancer research and someone gives me all they can or says that they want to support me any way possible. It's the day that I see someone made a donation in my honor or the day that my spare change makes a difference in someone's life. It's the day I tell my husband "I want the 11 year old dog from the shelter" and he just shakes his head and smiles.
After 27 years, I have finally found my place in life and in the words of Oprah, "It lights you up and lets you know you are exactly where you are supposed to be". I finally feel that I am where I'm supposed to be!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Flying by the seat of my pants...

Have you ever had the feeling that nothing in your life was in your control? The last couple of months have really started to take a toll on me. I'm a very "Type A" person and I pretty much have a plan for everything, I live my life by check lists and I plan events out months in advance... well when my husband came home a few weeks ago and said "ummm honey, I'm pretty sure we're moving to California..." I think I had a mini stroke!! His company is being bought out by a larger one and the parent company is based in California. Every day I badger him for more information and I'm starting to annoy myself... It's like my life is on hold until I hear some snippet of information. I'm holding my breath waiting for the news and I am pretty sure that I'm a rather unhealthy shade of purple by now!
This anticipation has an effect on every aspect of my life, literally. I find myself wondering random stuff like: should I stock up on groceries? can I pack that cake pan? Is it too early to pack away the guest room? Then there's the big questions like: when will we go? where will we live? how do I find doctors for us and our dogs? I think that I might be making myself a little bit crazy but I just can't live without a plan!!
All of this craziness is not really conducive to being creative... I've really been struggling with starting new projects and I'm super hesitant to buy new supplies, because what happens when I have to pack it all up? Heaven forbid I have to put something in a box that isn't ready to transport... and then the more worrisome aspect; how will I find it after we get settled??
Adding insult to injury, our newest family member Toby is having some medical issues. I made the decision to schedule him for surgery (he had it on tuesday) to remove a couple of "masses" from his body. One, the size of a baseball from his chest and another, the size of a gum ball from his head. Currently they are out to the lab being tested and I am nervously awaiting results. During all of this chaos he also had some x-rays taken and the vet discovered that he has a kidney stone...I feel so bad for my poor little old dog! So far he is doing great with his recovery. He's a trooper. I, on the other hand am like the nervous parent of a newborn... trying to protect his stitches, making sure he doesn't play too hard with our other dog and of course awaiting the news on the test results.
All of this has left me with the feeling that I am precariously flying by the seat of my pants and the safety net is nowhere to be seen...My philosophy in life is that you are meant to learn lessons, the lesson here: close your eyes, don't look down and wait for the net.... it has to be there...right?
...and for the record, it was too early to pack the cake pan, I just opened 8 boxes trying to find the darn thing!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I seriously hate math... I am generally super organized and pretty obnoxiously on top of stuff however, when it comes to taking care of my accounting... I avoid it like the plague!! I still have to close out the books for March and I haven't even started on April...I have the greatest spreadsheet and everything is color-coded and easy to use and I am currently looking at my stack of receipts for the last two months and procrastinating in any way possible. I find this humorous because I am using the book-keeping as an excuse to not get on the treadmill and the blog as an excuse to not do the book-keeping! ...slowly I am running out of excuses and will eventually have to accomplish both tasks tonight.

This Sunday I ran my first ever long race, a 12k and part of the reason that I am avoiding the treadmill... I have been training since the beginning of the year; it's the whole reason that I bought my treadmill. I was so terrified going into that morning that I wouldn't finish or that I couldn't finish it. I have had a year of firsts: first time I ever quit a job without having another one, first time I ever opened a business of my own, it's still my first year of marriage, and it's my first year of long distance running. 

I really have my husband to thank for this new found self confidence. He inspired me to believe in myself and to reach for something that I have always dreamed of. He tolerates my random spurts of self doubt; will my business be successful? Will anyone actually like my work? will I continue to be able to continue to find inspiration to create art? will I make it to the finish line? and most of all am I strong enough?
strength can be looked at in many ways; physical, mental, emotional... something that I have learned in the last few months is that we are all stronger than we know and when faced with a challenge of mind body or spirit we can achieve great things! 

this quote is such an inspiration to me:
‎"Man is so made, that whenever anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish." -La Fontaine

...now if only I could find that inspiration to balance my books...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Worst Blogger...EVER

So... I have realized that I am the worst blogger...EVER. I thought that when I got started on the blog that I would have something to say pretty frequently, maybe I thought my life was a little more exciting than it really was, LOL. Anyhow I promise that I am going to try and make a better effort- scouts honor!

My life has been pretty busy lately, my husband and I decided to adopt a dog. I really am a huge sap for animals and a few weeks ago a friend of mine saw a dog the same breed as mine at the humane society; I own a Cairn Terrier appropriately named Toto. Without fail I called my husband and pretty much twisted his arm into letting me adopt this new dog! His name is Toby, he's 11 (which is pretty old for Cairns) and absolutely wonderful! I wan't sure if I could ever love a dog as much as I loved Toto, I honestly didn't think there was enough room in my heart for 2... I think my heart just doubled when Toby came home with me!!

Needless to say,  I honestly don't know how I found time to hold down a full time job before. I am a stay at home mom of 2 wonderful dogs, an artist and a philanthropist... I love my job!

Here lately I have been working on spring stuff and it's been really hard to find motivation here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest... there is a little bit of sarcasm there. Really, when the sun is out the PNW is BEAUTIFUL! don't get me wrong... unfortunately those days are few and far between in the winter and spring. It is generally overcast, cloudy and wet. It doesn't really rain here, it's more like walking through a cold version of a steam shower...

I recently went to visit my sister-in-law that lives in Florida, thankfully. That was a nice break and gave me some good creative energy. I have my other sister-in-law to thank for taking me on their family vacation! I have a great family. I love them all!!

So here I am, back in Seattle, dogs at my feet, filled with inspiration...creating a new spring line!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


It appears as though "awesome" is the word of the day... for some reason the only word I can use to describe... well pretty much anything today; is Awesome! I have had an awesomely productive day and I edited pretty great (I still am self conscious of the quality of my own work) photos from my awesome Florida vacation. I started some work on a couple of new canvas pieces while my awesome little dog Toto sat by my feet and ended up with paint on his head! I revamped my Etsy shop to a new layout to feature some of the new work... I love days like this, they make me feel...well...awesome!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 1

So I decided to jump on the bandwagon so to speak and start a blog to keep people updated on the always exciting life of being an artist. Haha, I just made myself laugh at that one! I honestly have no idea what people actually want to hear about, or what they don't for that matter... I guess this space is a great place to ask me questions or for you to leave feedback on things that I am working on. I will post pictures or projects in progress and the current inspirations or annoyances. All in all this will be an adventure, I hope you share it with me <3