Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What You've Missed...

So just to recap, I am the WORST blogger ever. It's funny because I think to myself "ooh.. this would be something great to blog about..." then I get distracted and forget. I think that I am just going to set 1 day a week as "blog day" then you can read whatever drivel comes out of my brain on that day until I get some sort of spark of genius.
So here's my 30 second recap; just like on your favorite weekly drama they catch you up to speed on what you missed last week, I'm going to catch up on the last 3.5 months :)

My husband and I found out that we are NOT moving to California, I had only packed half of everything we own so it was all good!

This was a big month! I was contacted by Philanthro* Seattle to donate a piece of work to auction off to support Lifelong AIDS Alliance, right here in Seattle! I was so honored and excited :) I helped them raise $35 with a photo and It felt so good to help out the city that I live in.
I also was contacted by RAW artists to apply to be part of one of their showcases. RAW is an awesome organization that is all grassroots and green. They do monthly shows that promote artists of all genres: visual art, photography, fashion, make-up, hair, film ect. check them out at rawartists.org.

I celebrated my birthday with the Philanthro* auction and with a walk through to prepare for my first show with RAW! I loved the show. I met so many great artists and felt so inspired when the night ended.

...and that brings us to October!
My husband and I are getting ready to move to Chicago. We plan to be there by the end of November. Things are a little crazy right now but hopefully soon we will have it all worked out.
I made it through the national popular vote for RAW finals. I was voted one of the top 5 artists in Seattle and in November I hope to make it into the finals and earn a trip to Hollywood, CA.

I promise I will do a better job of writing on my blog, stay tuned for future updates <3

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