Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life's Circumstances (value)

Recently life's circumstances have left me wondering what I value in life... of course the usual (well for me anyway) things popped into my mind: family, friends, my dog's, passion, energy, strength... the list goes on and on... one thing that I realized that is not on that list is money... I often find myself thinking that if I could give it all up I would... however recent events have made me consider this. My husband has some crazy work stuff happening; I wont get into all the details. However, when an offer was placed on the table in regards to money we found ourselves thinking "well...that's not enough..." I NEVER in my life have EVER thought that I would feel this way about this issue.

I don't consider myself to be greedy, I don't think that I ever have been. I have always worked hard for everything that I have in my life and I think that most people know that I would as the saying goes "give them the shirt off my back"... I'm pretty sure that I have actually at some point in my life given someone that needed it more that me (one that I didn't know) an article of clothing (most likely not off my back, but at least out of my car) for keeps. Recently my husband told me that I "taught him how to give" in regards to helping people that are less fortunate. I never second guess giving money to people that need it (if I happen to have cash on me) and on many occasions if I am close to home I will run home and make up a bag of whatever I can get around quickly and take it back to someone. So why is it that I am so hung up on this idea now?

Since I started my business in January of 2011 I have fund raised for: Susan G Komen twice (once for the Race for the Cure and again by turning my business Passionately Pink for about 6 weeks), the Red Cross and disaster relief, and a shoe drive for Soles 4 Souls, starting in July I will be working to raise money and awareness for Women for Women International.... and yes, I have only been open for business for about 5.5 months. My business is a member of the World Wildlife Fund (as am I as an individual) and I am considering another animal support organization as I type this... I also donate work all the time. Yet, I feel like I should give so much more...

I am so blessed to have the life I do. I have an amazing husband that allows me to have the creative freedom to run my own business (even though it doesn't make any money), my family and friends have been so wonderfully supportive and loving for my entire life and for the most part I have pretty good health. I wake up every day with a purpose in life. That purpose is to make at least one person's day better, every day. Ultimately, I want to change at least one persons life. I want to change the world.

When was the last time that you gave something? Your time? money? love? strength? encouragement? Today I met an extraordinary woman. She was a veteran and homeless but, still so amazingly positive. I stopped to chat with her and pet her dogs as I gave her a bag of goodies. It broke my heart to find out that I was the only person that had a conversation with her all day. I can't imagine not having anyone talk to me all day. It is amazing to me that she has given so much and has nothing. how quickly everything in life can all fall away. One day you wake up and find that all you hold dear is gone.

 It is for this reason that I challenge you. Start simple and short. For one week, wake up each day with the purpose to make someones day better; give something to someone that needs it more than you, show an act of compassion and kindness. It is one simple thoughtful act that can inspire another person to pass on a kindness. You don't have to be rich to donate to others. Maybe together we can change the world.

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