Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Worst Blogger...EVER

So... I have realized that I am the worst blogger...EVER. I thought that when I got started on the blog that I would have something to say pretty frequently, maybe I thought my life was a little more exciting than it really was, LOL. Anyhow I promise that I am going to try and make a better effort- scouts honor!

My life has been pretty busy lately, my husband and I decided to adopt a dog. I really am a huge sap for animals and a few weeks ago a friend of mine saw a dog the same breed as mine at the humane society; I own a Cairn Terrier appropriately named Toto. Without fail I called my husband and pretty much twisted his arm into letting me adopt this new dog! His name is Toby, he's 11 (which is pretty old for Cairns) and absolutely wonderful! I wan't sure if I could ever love a dog as much as I loved Toto, I honestly didn't think there was enough room in my heart for 2... I think my heart just doubled when Toby came home with me!!

Needless to say,  I honestly don't know how I found time to hold down a full time job before. I am a stay at home mom of 2 wonderful dogs, an artist and a philanthropist... I love my job!

Here lately I have been working on spring stuff and it's been really hard to find motivation here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest... there is a little bit of sarcasm there. Really, when the sun is out the PNW is BEAUTIFUL! don't get me wrong... unfortunately those days are few and far between in the winter and spring. It is generally overcast, cloudy and wet. It doesn't really rain here, it's more like walking through a cold version of a steam shower...

I recently went to visit my sister-in-law that lives in Florida, thankfully. That was a nice break and gave me some good creative energy. I have my other sister-in-law to thank for taking me on their family vacation! I have a great family. I love them all!!

So here I am, back in Seattle, dogs at my feet, filled with inspiration...creating a new spring line!

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